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del Soul Yoga was created as a resource for people who are looking to live happier, more peaceful lives by shifting and unlocking blocked energies in the body, mind, and soul. Our SOLID SOUL approach will help you achieve this.

Life can feel overwhelming. We are often in a constant state of stress brought on by worry, trauma, and fear. When we are in this state we are not allowing ourselves to flow naturally, we become blocked. This resistance manifests physically in the way we move, eat, and think which can lead to poor habits and rituals. 

The SOLID SOUL approach encourages you on your journey and helps you create a sustainable transformation. It provides practical ways to connect your mind, body, and soul and to live a more authentic way of life



Adam Roberts

Adam started practicing yoga as a way to undo all the things playing soccer through college did to his body. He quickly realized it helped undo more than the just the physical. The days he did yoga, not only his body feel better, but his mind was quieter as well. In no time at all he was attending class almost every day. He decided it felt so good that he wished to share that feeling with others. He enrolled in the teacher training program at Yoga One in Charlotte, North Carolina and received his 200 hour certification in power vinyasa yoga. Since then, he has been to workshops of many different styles of yoga. Combining the base learned in teacher training with the workshops, books read, and life experience he hopes his class will help students both on and off the mat.  ​

Julia Anderson

Julia began my yoga journey several years ago as an intermittent student and slowly deepened my practice. Once I reached the point of a serious, daily home practice I decided to pursue a 200 hour teacher training course. At the beginning of my training I had no intention of actually teaching, I just wanted to learn more about yoga. However, during the process I discovered that my love and passion for yoga translates well to teaching and that I have been able to inspire my students. One of the most satisfying aspects of teaching yoga is helping those students who don’t think they have the skills or ability to achieve their goals.  

Michelle Lee

Michelle grew up taking dance classes, she studied dance in college and taught at a local studio. Later, when her kids were growing up, she experimented with various workouts including aerobics, kickboxing, spin classes, weights and a variety of cardio machines. However, none kept her interest for very long. Then she tried a yoga class and it stuck. Lori loves the unlimited challenge and journey that yoga offers – there is always more, or less depending on what you need. She enjoys studying yoga and the benefits that yoga can bring to everyone. Lori completed her 200-hour teacher training at Downward Dog Yoga in 2019.  As a longtime yogi her passion is evident in her teaching, sharing her knowledge compassion and personal touch.


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